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At Heringhaus, our goal is to help you become the person you aspire to be.  Home furnishings, flooring, paint and decor items.  We'll guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options and then stand back while you choose your favorites.  We pull it all together into a home or office design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours!


Say hello to the new you!

Color, texture, light, furnishings - details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you're in it.

Monday       9 AM to 7 PM

Tuesday      9 AM to 5 PM

Wednesday  9 AM to 5 PM

Thursday     9 AM to 5 PM

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Saturday     9 AM to 4 PM

Sunday       Closed

Heringhaus Furniture Bowling Green


Founded: 1907


Areas of expertise:  Home furnishings, bedding, flooring, paint, window treatments and interior design.